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the Quiote Story

Quiote was a lifelong dream for a family of four that rooted themselves in the town of Petaluma. Originally from Ciudad Guzman, in Jalisco, Mexico, Jorge (Dad) and Gloria (Mom), quickly found themselves working in restaurants to make ends meet. Several years ago, Gloria had the opporutnity to manage a local family owned restaurant. With this experience under her belt, the family was inspired to start a restaurant of their own! Now with the help of their two sons, they have managed to make their dream a reality in the town that has opened up so many opportunities for them. With the Petaluma community in mind, they strive to bring the highest levels of authenticity to the dishes of their heritage. Quiote proudly serves hand-shaped tortillas made from heirloom varietals of maiz as well as Rancho Gordo beans from their Xococ program. With high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors, Quiote opens up its door to the community to share in the taste of its heritage. 

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